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Cardinal Asset Services has the expertise and capability to manage Asset Sales. The disposal strategies available for selling an asset are vast. Whilst most plant and equipment can quite easily be sold via public auction, rarer items, unique items or items that operate in a narrow industry may require greater time and can challenge the Agent to “think outside the square” in order to achieve a successful outcome for the vendor.

At Cardinal Asset Services each asset sale project is considered unique and all possible disposal options are carefully scrutinised to determine the best way to obtain the highest possible return for the seller.

When income is earned solely from commissions, attaining the maximum result for the vendor is the topmost priority.

Cardinal Asset Services offers the following asset sale strategies:

  • Online Auction
  • Traditional Auction
  • Private Treaty
  • Expression of Interest
  • Tender

Through long-term trusted relationships, Cardinal Asset Services has Partners across Australia to assist with major disposal projects. Cardinal Asset Services is always contactable, always on time and always well presented. Contact us today to discuss your asset sales requirements!

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Asset Services

Cardinal Asset Services offers a comprehensive range of specialist Asset Services.  These include - 

WHS Reviews

Primarily utilised by Insolvency Practitioners, Workplace Health & Safety is the discipline concerned with protecting the health and safety of all stakeholders in the workplace from exposure to hazards and risks resulting from work activities.

Site safety is of prime importance and Cardinal Asset Services can provide speedy and detailed reports to highlight any possible issues relating to ongoing business practices.

Plant Hazard Assessments

When selling plant and machinery it is crucial that the buyers are duly notified of all potential hazards relating to the current and future operations of the assets being offered. It is standard practice that every asset sold by Cardinal Asset Services is assessed and that buyers are informed accordingly.

It is also prudent for our clients to seek plant hazard assessments when selling a business as a going concern. In this scenario, the buyer of the business should also be provided with an itemised listing of assets including thorough plant hazard assessments.

Asset Registers

Cardinal Asset Services can assist with the creation of company asset registers for depreciation and taxation purposes. Barcode labelling can be arranged and affixed during inspections for easy future referencing and identification.


The counting of stock and the review of stock management systems can assist clients to determine the best way forward with inventory operations. Working with warehouse and logistics managers, Cardinal Asset Services identifies dead and slow moving stock lines, storage deficiencies and any other matters than can help a company increase efficiency levels.

Valuations of stock holdings can also be carried out.

Asset Identification

Exporting, importing, asset financing and asset recovery requires precise identification of plant and machinery. Often the machinery is unique or operating in a narrow industry with options and attachments which are not easily recognised. It is not unusual to see finance documentation omit crucial asset identifiers or disregard expensive machinery accessories. Cardinal Asset Services can inspect, identify and photograph assets to ensure the correct asset details are recorded and documented.

Lease Reconciliations

It is important to differentiate between unencumbered and encumbered assets when reviewing the plant and machinery of a company. Cardinal Asset Services has long term relationships with all major financiers and takes pride in reconciling "the owned from the owing".

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Cardinal Asset Services is a proud supporter of the Cornucopia Committee Inc, an organisation that directs its fundraising solely for the prevention and treatment of child abuse supporting The Children's Hospital at Westmead NSW.

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